Saturday, FEB 6TH     Saturday, MARCH 12th     
9AM MINOR 1V2     9AM MINOR 3V1    
9:30AM MINOR 4V3     9:30AM MINOR 4V2    
10:15AM MIDDLE 4V1     10:15AM MIDDLE 4V3    
11:00AM MIDDLE 3V2     11:00AM MIDDLE 2V1    
11:45AM MIDDLE 1V5     11:45AM MIDDLE 5V4    
12:30PM MAJOR 1V2     12:30PM MAJOR 3V1    
1:30PM MAJOR 4V3     1:30PM MAJOR 4V2    
Saturday, FEB 13TH      Saturday, MARCH 19TH     
9AM MAJOR 1V4     9AM MAJOR 1V2    
10AM MAJOR 3V2     10AM MAJOR 4V3    
11AM MIDDLE 2V4     11AM MIDDLE 3V5    
11:45AM MIDDLE 1V3     11:45AM MIDDLE 1V4    
12:30PM MIDDLE 5V4     12:30PM MIDDLE 2V5    
1:15PM MINOR 1V4     1:15PM MINOR 1V2    
1:45PM MINOR 3V2     1:45PM MINOR 4V3    
Saturday, FEB 20TH     Trophies will be given to coaches  
PICTURE DAY    to give to players after THEIR final game.
9AM MIDDLE 3V5              
9:45AM MIDDLE 2V1     MINOR TEAMS:      
10:30AM MIDDLE 4V3     1 - J. LANGLOIS - GOLD    
11:15AM MAJOR 1V3     2 - C. HOTARD - BLUE    
12:15PM MAJOR 2V4     3 - M. RABALAIS LIME    
1:15PM MINOR 1V3     4 - D.HURST - RED    
1:45PM MINOR 2V4              
Saturday, FEB 27th     MIDDLE TEAMS:      
9AM MINOR 2V1     1 - D.HURST - RED    
9:30AM MINOR 3V4     2 - C.DUPRE - GOLD    
10AM MAJOR 2V1     3 - E.JARREAU - MAROON    
11AM MAJOR 3V4     4 - C. DAILEY - BLUE    
12PM MIDDLE 2V5     5 - B.CHAPMAN - LIME    
12:45PM MIDDLE 4V1              
1:30PM MIDDLE 3V2     MAJOR TEAMS:      
Saturday, MARCH 5TH      1 - C. DUPRE - GOLD    
9AM MIDDLE 1V3     2 - K. THOMAS - BLUE    
9:45AM MIDDLE 2V4     3 - W. CARNES - RED    
10:30AM MIDDLE 1V5     4 - G. LACOUR - SILVER    
11:15AM MAJOR 4V1              
12:15PM MAJOR 2V3              
1:15PM MINOR 4V1              
1:45PM MINOR 3V2